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Elevate. Empower.

Are you ready to inject some excitement into your professional journey?

Look no further!


Consider this your official invitation not just to attend the National Nurse Practitioner Symposium but to become part of a transformative experience!

A Prescription for Success.

Forget about endless webinars and the same old seminars preaching to the choir; our Symposium is like the vitamin boost your career thirsts for!


Over several days (packed with more knowledge than a double espresso), get ready to:


Dive into the Deep End

of current trends and sticky issues making waves across our country's healthcare pools. Whether it's primary care rapids or acute care whirlpools, we've got the lifebuoys to keep you afloat.


Get Your Brain Gymnastics On

with educational sessions that are less about dull lectures and more about

sparking that "Eureka!" moment. Tailored to your needs, these sessions are the personal trainers for your intellect.


Mix, Mingle, and Marinate

in the collective wisdom of fellow healthcare warriors. Connect, reflect, and swap stories in a setting that’s as relaxing as a spa day (minus the cucumber eye covers).

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Our Symposium Objectives: Not Your Average Bullet Points


* Knowledge Calibration:

   Like a meticulously measured IV drip, enrich your skillset with the     

   latest on selected clinical topics in both primary and acute care.


* Care Concoctions:

    Discover new recipes for client care management that will make

    your patient population healthier and happier.


* Idea Incubation:

   Bounce off the walls of the echo chamber and into a realm of

   shared experiences and visions for the future of healthcare 

   with peers and pioneers alike.


* Practice Revolution:

   Evaluate, iterate, and possibly renovate your current practices.

   Change isn’t just welcomed; it’s celebrated here!




Because you deserve an event that's as dynamic and multifaceted as your role in healthcare!


This is your golden ticket to staying abreast with the evolving world of healthcare

and ensuring your practices remain as effective and compassionate as possible.

Plus, who can say no to a bit of learning mixed with leisure?

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who can say no to

a bit of learning mixed

with leisure?

If you're keen to boost your professional prowess, yearn for genuine connections,

and are craving an experience that marries education with relaxation,

the National Nurse Practitioner Symposium is your remedy.

Don't let this be the one that got away!

Grab your stethoscopes and let's make a difference, together. 


Register your interest, stoke your curiosity, and prepare for an infusion of inspiration!

This is one prescription you'll be glad you filled!

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